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Serving Kennesaw, Georgia 


All Other Surrounding Counties and Cities in the Greater Atlanta Area


"Thermal Imaging is included in your Home Inspection"


"I am proud to provide the following Home Inspections Services 

that adhere to the definition of our name, Fidelity." -- John W. Badger


fi·del·i·ty (f-dl-t, f-)
n., pl. fi·del·i·ties. Abbr. fid.

1. Faithfulness to obligations, duties, or observances.

2. Exact correspondence with fact or with a given quality, condition, or event; accuracy.

3. Unfailing fulfillment of one's duties and obligations and strict adherence to vows or promises.

4. Faithfulness, as to a government or state to which one is subject, considered as a duty.

5. Loyalty implies a steadfast and devoted attachment that is not easily turned aside: loyalty to an oath; loyalty to one's family; party loyalty; loyalty to an ideal.




John W. Badger is certified as a building code home inspector through the International Code Counsel, and the Georgia Association of Home Inspectors.  This certification carries the title of "Residential Combination Inspector (RCI)".    

He is also proud to provide an upscale, licensed, and certified home inspection firm that offers his clients the independence and the professionalism they seek.

The Home Inspection process identifies  the condition of the home in a professional and through manor:   Click here - Standard Home Inspection


John is also an established member in the following organizations


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  • De-Winterization Assistance

  • 12-Month Home Maintenance Schedule

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